iPod, Android, and iPhone car radio connection kits



  • Compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone, Android, and all Bluetooth Smart Phones.
  • Works with most vehicles – plugs directly into the hidden CD changer port.
  • Wired and wireless kits provide high quality sound, full control, and power charging.

The iPhone car adapter kit includes a cable that plugs directly into your iPod or iPhone. The other side of this cable plugs into a hidden connection on your car stereo – there is no FM transmitter.

Once the cable is plugged in your car will charge and power your player, as well as control it (Next/Previous track, FF/RW) using your car stereos existing buttons (steering wheel controls if you have them).

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"The iCarKit only took me about five minutes to install and the sound was great. My wife has the 'Wicked' soundtrack on her iPod, and I used that to test the system since it has a lot of highs and lows and vocalizing in the songs. You could hear all of it. The sound was even better than the car CD player."

JerryMacDirectory Magazine

What It Is?

The Neo car adapter is an iPod, iPhone, and Android car adapter that provides a direct connect to most factory and aftermarket car stereos. It provides perfect integration in most instances, meaning your car’s stereo buttons will control your music device, the battery will charge, and the sound will play from your car’s stereo speakers in HD quality! This is the most intuitive car adapter kit available. Say goodbye to messy wires and poor sound quality! Now works on iPad and iPad2.

Who Else Does This?

BMW is currently the only car dealership offering a solution similar to ours. If you drive a BMW check out their website for more information.

Unlike BMW's iPod car kit our unit does not disable the display and buttons on the iPod itself, you will continue to see the artist and song information and have full control over your iPod using its buttons.

If you have any other vehicle, or would like a cheaper more functional connector or adapter for your BMW vehicle then please browse our site.