Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers some of the more commonly asked questions but the best way to get the information you need is to contact us.

Every vehicle is different and there are hundreds of different adapters, we will help guide you in the right direction once we know what kind of car you have.

iPhone Car Kit

"Wow! The iCarKit only took me about five minutes to install and the sound was great ... Has a lot of highs and lows and vocalizing in the songs. You could hear all of it. The sound was even better than the CD player."

JerryMacDirectory Magazine

1. Does this adapter work exactly like new fully loaded factory systems?

Most users believe our adapters exceed the performance of factory systems. For example, with most other factory controllers your iPod display and controls will be disabled. This limits users in being able to access their playlists. and other important features of their phone or iPod. Using our adapter you will have full use of your iPod or Phone display and controls - as well as control using the car stereo.

2. I have steering wheel radio controls in my car, will they work with my iPhone?

Yes, you will be able to change tracks and adjust your car stereos volume.

3. Can I still use the iPhone buttons? ----Will my car control my android phone over bluetooth?

Your phone or music player will still be controllable through its buttons, it just has the added benefit of being controlled by the car’s controls as well! ----When using a bluetooth connection our adapters send the music using "A2DP" and the controls using "AVRCP". Even with no wires your track control on the steering wheel or head unit will change tracks on your phone.

4. Do I need to plug anything into the cigarette lighter charger for power?

Our wired iPod/iPhone connections send power from the car stereo to your device so there is no need for the cigarette lighter charger. If you go with a wireless solution you may want to get a cigarette charger cable for power. This is the only drawback of wireless.

5. How does music play wirelessly over Bluetooth for Android Phones? What if a call comes in?

Once the adapter is installed you can pair your phone and car together once and they will automatically pair in the future. Any music played on the phone will output on the cars speakers instead of on the phone. When a call comes in you are able to take that call normally or using speakerphone over the car stereo speakers.

6. Do I need to remove or replace my existing car stereo?

You do not need to replace your radio to add all the latest features. Our adapters plug into your existing radio to add all the functions of a new radio without ruining the factory look you have.

7. Where do I put my iPhone once the adapter is installed?

Typically people keep their phone in the center console or in the glove box. There are a wide variety of mounts available if you wish to have the phone accessible or visible while driving - often great for navigation.

8. I don't know how to remove my radio. What should I do?

You can visit - they have a nice database of instructions on removal of original factory radios. Alternatively visit a local Best Buy or car audio store and have it professionally installed (average cost of $30-$50 - varies by location).

9. My car is not listed on your compatibility list. What can I do?

There are a few other websites to get custom adapters.

Neo Car Audio ( makes quality products.
iCarKits ( has a comprehensive compatibility search.
MP3YourCar ( has high prices so avoid it.